11 Most Beautiful & Natural Places on Earth

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Perhaps you can visit all these wonderful places at some point in your life. Maybe the only traveling you’ll ever do is as far as a computer will allow you to go. Either way, here is a list (with amazing photos and links to more information about the locations) to satisfy your wanderlust. These are 11 of the most amazing, beautiful, and completely natural wonders of this planet.

Let’s start in Mexico…


1. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve: Mexico

Monarch butterflies, Chincua Butterfly Sanctuary, Mexico

Found at Natural Habitat Adventures & WWF

During the spring months, these butterflies begin an 8 month migration that takes them all the way to Eastern Canada and back, during which time four successive generations are born and die. How they find their way back to their overwintering site remains a mystery. Every autumn, millions of Monarch butterflies from North America return to the site and cluster on small areas of the forest reserve, coloring its trees orange and literally bending their branches under their collective weight.

2. The Himalayan Mountain Range: Nepal

View over the Ngozumpa Glacier from Gokyo Ri, Nepal. Image by Feng Wei Photography / Getty Images

Found from Lonely Planet

The infinitely majestic snow capped peaks of the Great Himalayan Range makes for a dramatic scene. Possibly one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Himalayan Mountain Range is an unrivaled beauty.

3. Great Barrier Reef: Queensland, Australia

Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling Tour

Found at Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling Tour

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system and it can even be seen from outer space! Built by tiny organisms called coral polyps, the Great Barrier Reef is the state icon of Queensland.

4. Carlsbad Caverns: United States (New Mexico)

Cave, Cavern, Nature, Geology, Stone, Natural

From the National Park Service

Hike into a natural cave 750 feet underground. Explore New Mexico’s natural habitat (and LOTS of bats)!

5. Primeval Beech Forests: Carpathian Mountain Range (Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine)

Found at UNESCO

Since the end of the last Ice Age, European beech trees spread from a few places in the Alps, Carpathians, Mediterranean and Pyrenees. This expansion is related to the tree’s flexibility and tolerance of different climatic, geographical and physical conditions. This forest is a display of all nature’s wonders in several locations throughout Europe.

6. Mount Kilimanjaro: Tanzania, Africa


Found at Climbing Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. It is also the tallest freestanding mountain on earth (The Himilayas are second). Crowned with an everlasting snow-cap, this majestic mountain can be found inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania in Africa.

7. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A.

Big Island Volcano Adventure Tour

Found at Tours For Fun

This site contains two of the active volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Volcanic eruptions have created a constantly changing landscape, and the lava flows reveal surprising geological formations. Rare birds and endemic species can be found there along with thriving rain forests.

8. Cape Floral Region: South Africa

the cape floral region

Found at Brand South Africa

The Cape Floral Region, one of South Africa’s eight World Heritage sites, comprises eight protected areas across spectacular mountain  ranges and ocean scenery. These protected areas contain some of the richest plant biodiversity in the world.

9. The Dolomites: Italy

Dolomites Day Trip From Venice

Found At Tours for Fun

The site of the Dolomites encompasses a mountain range of 18 peaks in the northern Italian Alps. This area features some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere, with vertical walls and dramatic, sheer cliffs.

10. Shirakami Sanchi: Japan

Found at Japan Guide

Shirakami Sanchi is an extensive mountain range. Situated in the mountains of northern Honshu, this trackless site includes the last virgin remains of the cool-temperate forest of beech trees that once covered the hills and mountainsides of northern Japan.

11. The Pantanal Conservation Complex: Brazil South America

Found at Moonlights UNESCO Blog

The Pantanal Conservation Complex consists of a cluster of four protected areas.  Located in western central Brazil at the south-west corner of the State of Mato Grosso, the site represents 1.3% of Brazil’s Pantanal region, one of the world’s largest freshwater wetland ecosystems.

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