3 Gift Your Child Wants, Needs, & Will Appreciate

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When my first son was born, he had everything. It’s hard for me to admit, sometimes (no parents wants to openly admit that their child is spoiled). As our first child, we made sure he had every safety gadget invented for infants. Plus, he was the first grandchild for my family, so he was adorned with a fancy crib, an excellent car seat, and everything else we didn’t know we’d need.

His first birthday happened and he received all different kinds of toys. Toys from all genres of play; toys that played music, toys that changed colors, toys that claimed they would improve his language skills, his vision, his mobility, his walking, his talking, his cognitive abilities, his speech…etc. Basically, he had just about everything he could ever need to become a child genius.

A couple years later, his room was cluttered and he hardly played with all the amazing toys he had been given throughout the years. After all, he had access to so many toys that it was probably hard to decide what to play with!

Now he has a new little brother. This time, I am trying hard to do things a little different.

I’m not against gift-giving, and I’m not trying to come across as a mom with radical ideas. This is not a post to promote an alternative to gift-giving. My goal is to give my kids things they will actually remember, appreciate, and enjoy.

So here are some ideas I have tried and tested. These were things my boys appreciated, remembered, loved, and talked about much more than the fancy gifts received in past years.

Little Passports

If you haven’t heard about Little Passports yet, you need to check them out! This company offers adventure subscriptions for kids from ages 3-6 months, and from 3-14. What I like about them is that they offer exceptionally engaging, fun, and educational activities that keep kids entertained. Another exciting aspect of Little Passports that kids really enjoy is that they come every month! It’s like the gift continues throughout the year and constantly gives kids something to look forward to. Because let’s face it: the holidays are over and your kids have to wait another year until they get more presents. With Little Passports, they’ll be able to enjoy their Christmas/birthday presents 12 months of the year (or for however long you decide to get the subscription for)!

Ages 3-5: Little Passports Early Explorers
Ages 6-10: Explore the Little Passports World Edition
Ages 7-12: Little Passports USA Edition
Ages 9+ : Science Expeditions

Get 15% off your subscription! Use code: BTS15 when you subscribe to Little Passports

Gift Cards

I know…You think I’m un-creative. But have you ever seen the sheer excitement on a child’s face when they are actually able to order — and pay for — their very own ice cream cone? I have. My son loves being able to order food from his favorite restaurants. Just like Little Passports, when your child has his/her very own gift card, the gift seems to last a lot longer than the holiday they received it for!

P.S. Ordering cards online is so much easier than picking them up at the store! Amazon has a huge variety of cards and you don’t have to worry about your child asking who the gift card is for in the check out aisle!

A couple of my kids’ favorites are:

Wendy’s Gift Card
Burger King Gift Card

Contribute to a Savings Account

If you want to contribute to your child but realize they have too much ‘stuff,’ contributing to a savings account is THE BEST way to go. When you have a baby who really doesn’t understand gift giving and receiving, but still feel like you need to celebrate him/her, consider contributing to a high yield savings account your child can benefit from later. Perhaps she’ll use these funds when she needs to buy her first car. Maybe he’ll put this money towards a college education. Regardless of your child’s needs now, money will always help out in the future. Just make sure you find a bank with an excellent interest rate so the money you begin saving makes the most interest until your child uses it.

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