Brother for Rent – My first children’s book!

I have written several posts about making money selling eBooks that I didn’t write (legally, of course!) This time, I have an eBook I actually did write! Brother for Rent is my very first children’s book for sale and I wanted to share it with you!

I am an only child.

I had no sibling to break my toys or steal my clothes. All the presents beneath the Christmas tree were mine, and I had no one to compete with while I was growing up.

Alternatively, I did not enjoy the companionship of a built-in sibling playmate, and I never had another person to play games with on snow days. Being an only child was fun, but I missed out on stuff, too.

So, when my first son became an older brother, I became fascinated with the pros and cons of sibling-hood. I enjoyed watching my boys develop a relationship but I also began to empathize with my older son’s feelings of jealousy and anger when his baby brother came along.

In an attempt to help my oldest child adjust to life as “BIG bro,” I decided to write a poem for him. In this poem, I included many of his struggles with being the older brother. I also tried to examine the advantages and privileges my oldest son enjoyed because he is the bigger brother.

After the poem was complete, I could only imagine animating it with sketch photographs of my own two boys. I illustrated the book with pictures of my own children. I think they really captured the honest feelings my son, Troy, was experiencing.

Take a look at a few pages:

Troy realizes that being older isn’t always a bad thing…



I hope this book is able to aid other big siblings in their adventure in being the older sibling. Watching my boys has been quite an adventure for me. I can only imagine what older siblings go through!


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