How to EXPLODE Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

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In the world of blogging; generating traffic is the key to achieving success. After all, who wants to spend hours (days, weeks, months…years?) creating valuable content that nobody reads? Okay… You can ignore my rhetorical question; but when it comes to the topic of traffic, are you really employing all options available to you when it comes to marketing your blog?

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Now, I am a relatively new blogger — and also relatively young. As a 20-something entrepreneur, interested in learning new things about the world, it’s probably natural to assume that I have a Pinterest account. You probably do, too. As a matter of fact, I’d venture to say that most people I know use Pinterest. However, if you’re not all that familiar with Pinterest, you’re not alone. In fact, the whole thing sounded a little silly to me when I first heard about it, too.

Pinterest is a social network that allows information to be shared via visual images called ‘pins.’ These pins are basically, a vehicle that can travel from user to user (if they re-pin), and it is not uncommon to see a pin that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times. These pins carry the link to an article (from your own blog) and as it gets shared with each pinner, your content is carried along. A single pin could go viral in a week and quadruple your site’s traffic. It’s real, because that’s what happened to me.

With that being said, can you see how valuable this kind of network can be once you figure out how to harness the potential of Pinterest marketing? It can be a little tricky to figure out exactly how to create a beneficial pin. Don’t worry. I am going to share with you 3 tips that will change how you view Pinterest and its potential for boosting your traffic — almost immediately.

  1. Create a pin with potential

There is a lot of marketing involved in creating the right ‘pin.’ When you visit the Pinterest site, you will be greeted by (potentially) millions of pictures ‘pinned’ for your viewing pleasure. The pictures you’ll see are, basically, a small advertisement for the content to which they are linked (usually, a blog or website).

Since the idea is to create a pin that everyone will want to re-pin, you should consider a few things.

First of all, Pinterest does not have a standard size allowed for pins. This means you can pin a dinky little horizontal photograph with poorly titled text. OR… You can place a very long, vertical pin (which takes up triple the amount of space as the smaller one) with large, easily readable text which displays a pleasing variety of colors and images.

Use BIG and BEAUTIFUL pins, please. This will increase your pin percentage astronomically. No one can find those little tiny pins!

To learn about how I optimize my pins to generate traffic, read this.

  1. Link back to well-written and relevant content on your blog or website

I feel like this is a no-brainer, here, but it’s definitely worth the mention. I cannot tell you how many times I have clicked through a pin on Pinterest, only to find that the content of the site did not match the pin I thought I clicked.

This Pinterest marketing scheme will not work if you do not create valuable content. So, as long as you abide by the Blogger Bible’s #1 rule: To create relevant and valuable content, always! …Then this shouldn’t be an issue.

The truth is that people will not re-pin content that is not useful. So make sure you’re posting pins for your best stuff. THAT’s the thing people want. Just like Google, Pinterest is littered with garbage; and in order to become a top-ranked pin, you have to have good content.

  1. Don’t just sit back and watch once you pin your content

Once you have created a Big and Beautiful pin that links directly to your excellent content, you need to use some marketing techniques. Your pins won’t catch on if you just pin them once. Create more images (linking back to the same content) and multiply the content with different pins.

Next, search for some group boards on Pinterest. Group boards are places where you can pin your content in front of THOUSANDS of Pinterest users. Pin often, as well as, intentionally; quality is key here.

Additionally, you can find Facebook groups devoted to pinning YOUR content on Pinterest. There are pin swaps so that your pin can be seen by their audience and their pins can come across your traffic, as well.

Finally, if you aren’t using Pinterest as a marketing technique for your blog, then you are really missing out on a valuable, traffic-generating, machine. Social media is so crucial to the success of your blog, that I’m pretty confident that everyone has various social accounts. If you do not have a Pinterest yet, I’ll be bold enough to say that you are making a marketing mistake. If you do have a Pinterest, make sure you’re using it to YOUR benefit!

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