The Only Product That Heals My Acne

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Are you part of the 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 who struggle with occasional acne? I definitely am. Having clear skin has been a constant struggle of mine since I was about 12. I remember being told that the pimples would soon go away, and as I left my teenage years and entered into my twenties, I was really anxious for that beautiful adult clear skin! I will admit that as I got older, the break outs became less and less, but I still suffered from regular pimples and about a year ago, I had finally decided I had had enough.

I remember being an acne-covered teen; camera-shy, and owning just about every kind of acne cover-up available. I had concealer, foundation, and a compact foundation close at hand. Just in case my make up wore off during the day, I’d carefully re-apply cover-up on that pimply nose during my lunch breaks all through high school.

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During this time, I tried several brands like Neutrogena, Clinique, and Clearasil… Only to find that the acne problem never went away. Sometimes I think about how much wasted money all this really was… Finally, I purchased a month or two of Proactiv. It worked–But it left my skin dry and flaky and that was uncomfortable, too (trying to cancel the subscription to Proactiv was a huge pain, as well!) So, I had just given up hope for a while.

I am 29 years old, now, and I really wish I had discovered Exposed Skin Care earlier in my life. I have noticed that as I have gotten a little bit older, my skin shows a lot more scarring than it used to. In my teens, I never noticed having red scars following my break outs, like I did when I got into my mid-twenties… and that is exactly why I felt the obligation to let you know about the natural formula that I discovered last year, that truly changed how I felt about my reflection in the mirror. I can honestly tell everyone I know that I no longer suffer from acne! Do you know what a relief this is to finally be able to declare?! I really felt the need to write this post; especially for the younger people (before their skin begins to show permanent scarring from acne), so that more people can (hopefully) feel good about themselves and put their best skin forward.

So when comparing, Exposed Skin Care to the other leading brands and products in its category, here is what I found:

Because my skin is so sensitive, I really have to be careful with the ingredients I use on my face. When I read the ingredient label and noticed that the ingredients were natural, I was really skeptical. I didn’t expect such a high performance from a formula that used so many natural components to clean skin.

When I was reviewing Exposed Skin Care’s website for my research on this article, I noticed a recent offer that I haven’t seen before. Orders UNTIL JULY 31, 2017,  will actually receive a FREE Clarifying Mask w/ any kit purchase!
Use Coupon Code: SummerFreeCM

Okay, I know you’re thinking, “Another acne product? What if this doesn’t work?”

Well, rest assured when you find out their Clear & Healthy Skin Guarantee.

Exposed comes with the best guarantee in the industry. Simply use every drop of their product and if you do not achieve results, you can return it WITHIN 1 YEAR OF YOUR PURCHASE for a full refund!

So what is there to lose?

Oh, and all those empty bottles of acne products littering your bathroom right now? Send those to the company and they will credit your account $25.00. That basically means that you’re getting 40% off your first order with Exposed Skin Care, and according to their guarantee, you can get 100% of your money back if you aren’t happy!

Although I know this product works, you aren’t going to completely believe me until you try it for yourself. So, isn’t it worth a shot? If it doesn’t work with your skin the way it did mine, you’ll get a full refund… But if it clears your acne, then you’ll have gained years-to-come with acne-free skin!



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