July 2017 Income Report $406.53

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I was apprehensive about sharing my income reports publicly. I didn’t want to come across…well, weird. I mean, I don’t walk up to random people and say, “Hey! I made $400 extra last month online!” …But since part of my goal for this blog, Experimental Cents, was to explain how I make extra cents from my experiments, I figured it was relevant to show you. Not only will it provide me with a baseline to always strive to achieve, but I hope my regular income reports will inspire you!

I also need to tell you something else (it’s a little confession). Here it goes: Sometimes I read income reports posted by other bloggers and I just don’t feel as though they are completely truthful. Is that completely unjustified of me? Why do I need them to show me the proof?

I don’t know why I’m skeptical, but I want to keep it completely real here. Along with my income amount made from each item, I’m including a screen shot (personal info cropped out) just to show you I’m not feeding you any B.S.

I have been interested in making a passive online income for a while, now. Ever since 2011 when a car accident completely changed my life, I had decided to try and make an income from home. I spent a lot of time selling on eBay (you can read about this in my post: What You Should Know BEFORE You Sell on Ebay). Since 2011, a few things have changed. I have since recovered from the car accident and am able to work outside the home as a music teacher. However; I still enjoy the side hustle and having the ability to generate an extra income online. July 2017 was my first official month of working Experimental Cents and I’m excited about my earnings (a whole $406.53)! Granted, the bulk of this online income came from eBooks I have been selling for a while (read How to Sell eBooks (Even if You Can’t Write!and they generally make me a few hundred extra dollars each month. I’m really hoping to employ the strategies I learned this month from advertising and affiliate sales to begin increasing these amounts.

Drum roll, please….

Adsense: $36.82*

Amazon Associates: $16.26*

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: $353.45*

*Although this income report provides the amount of money I generated online last month, I may not receive all this income immediately, due to pay out policies. For example, Adsense will not pay me until I reach $100 (so I won’t be receiving Adsense income yet). Amazon (KDP & Associates) pays 60 days after you made the income…so it looks like I’ll have to wait a while for this paycheck!

See? Not completely impressive, but for the very first month of giving adsense and amazon associates a try, I don’t feel like it’s all that bad. Especially when you consider my expenses (a whole $3.95 for my web hosting)!

Meanwhile, let me explain how I received these incomes and how you can do it, too!

Adsense: $36.82

Google adsense is an advertising program for websites/blogs. In order to show adsense ads on your site, you need to apply to their program. I have found adsense relatively easy to work with, install, and operate. I added adsense to this site on July 10. However; Experimental Cents was not approved until July 18, so I waited 8 days before I could even display ads. Because I didn’t have adsense all month, the income generated here is not how much I could have made all month. Instead, the income I made from adsense ($36.41) reflects about 2 weeks of earnings.

Key points I learned about earning from adsense: Place ads in your posts. They do better here. The sidebars and headers aren’t nearly as successful for me as the ‘inside post’ ads.


Amazon Associates: $16.26

Amazon Associates is Amazon.com’s affiliate program. When a reader clicks through a link specifically associated with my tracking number, and they make a purchase, I receive a small percentage of that sale. Usually it’s only a few cents…But it all adds up! This particular month I had 798 clicks on my affiliate links, 17 items ordered, 13 of those 17 ordered items have shipped, and I made 1 Amazon bounty sale worth $5.00. My grand total is $16.26.

Things I learned about how to be successful with affiliate links: Instead of trying to promote anything and everything under the sun, think about the products that are actually helpful to you that you’d recommend to a family member or a friend. When you write the post, explain all your thoughts about the item you’re promoting and give your readers some real-life experiences. I found that my items sold way better when I offered personal experiences rather than the items I plugged without explaining why I was promoting them.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: $353.45

I was a little disappointed in the figures generated from my Kindle sales because last month I made almost double this amount. I chalk it up to the fact that I was working really hard to get this site up and running that I didn’t generate enough buzz for the books or use pinterest as much as I usually do for advertising (see how I use pinterest to advertise my books here). but it was all from books I had previously published (most of them were published in 2016). So, I didn’t have to work this month to generate this income, which is definitely nice! Want to know how you can make money selling ebooks, too? Read my post all about how I sell eBooks (and I didn’t even have to write all the books).

Selling ebooks is a nice little side-business and I highly encourage you to begin doing it for yourself. Check out how I sell eBooks for a full description of this business venture!

I know what your next big question is… You’re wondering what I’ll buy with all this money…

I’ll probably buy about 15 of these...


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