Making Online Income Without Blogging

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Do you want to really earn a passive income? Make money –literally– while you sleep? After the initial investment of time is in place, this business venture I’m going to explain to you, operates with very minimal work from you. You could use this online business to make an extra income and continue to keep your 9-5 job –OR– you can work this business up in order to eliminate the need to go to a 9-5 job ever again!

I assume you’re here because you have heard about the money-making craze the online world has created and you want to figure out how you can earn some extra cash through an online business of your own. Right? Okay, and maybe blogging isn’t your thing. There are still several ways to make income online without starting a blog!

Now you’re thinking, “Everyone makes online entrepreneurship sound so easy…Why can’t I figure it out?”

I’m going to take you through all the steps. Don’t worry. And other posts on this blog will help steer you the right direction as well. Honestly, the biggest leap of faith begins with you. If you want to make income online, you can do it!

I understand how you feel. As a matter of fact, I have been experimenting with ways to make some extra cents online since a car accident left me unable to physically leave my house for several months.

Anyway, in 2011, I had to make a serious choice–either I was going to sit around and allow my injuries to prevent me from being productive, or, I could figure out a way to be productive while allowing my body to heal. I tried several ventures online. I even wrote an ebook about my three most favorite (and lucrative) ways to earn income online. You can check  it out here, if you’re interested.

Today, we’re going to talk about a combination of my two most favorite ways to make income online: wholesaling and affiliate marketing. By combining the two of these things, you can seriously begin a lucrative business. No blogging required.

Wholesaling: Defined as purchasing a large amount of product for a low price and reselling the items, individually, for a profit. Find a product you can purchase for cheap on a site like (I suggest amazon because it is reputable and easy to use). Their prices seem to be lower than eBay’s. Also, with a FREE Amazon Prime 30-Day Trial, your shipping will be free, too! (You can’t guarantee free shipping on eBay!)

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate programs allow you to promote their products on your own site/social media page. You earn a commission when you sell a product through your affiliate tracking link. Join an affiliate marketing company (they’re all free to join) such as, (formerly Commission Junction), or Amazon Associates. These sites allow you to put their ads on your site FREE and give you a percentage of any item that your site sells. It’s a great deal. Trust me!

Step 1. Do some research

Your very first step is going to be conducting some research about a specific niche of items you can sell wholesale. Is there a category you have a particular interest in? What does society need that you can sell? Let’s generate a few ideas to get you started:

Cell phone accessories – I see a listing on Amazon that is selling 100 cell phone cases for $14.99. I also see a listing for the same single cell phone case selling individually for $7.99. HUGE profits here!

School Supplies – Pencils, erasers, crayons, etc. (Market your site to teachers and you’re golden!)

Art Supplies – I actually wrote an ENTIRE post about wholesaling art supplies. You can check that post out here: How Anyone Can Create a Wholesaling Business.

Once you have done the research and figured out an item to wholesale, you’ll need to place an order and begin thinking about your own packaging materials. Do you need large boxes to ship an item or will they fit into envelopes?

Once you order your products, you’re almost ready for business! So, get some shipping supplies and set up shop in a corner of your house where you can ship your items when they sell.

Step 2. Create a webpage

You’ll absolutely need to create your own webpage to successfully make income with affiliates/wholesaling. Most affiliate companies will not work with you if you’re not self-hosted. Also, having your own domain really legitimizes your business. Many people won’t take you seriously if you don’t have your own page and they’ll go to a more legitimate company to buy. I love Bluehost and use them for all my sites. Bluehost is actually offering their service for just $7.99 $3.95/month (with a FREE domain name)! This offer is only available if you use my link. That’s less than $50.00 per year and let’s face it: That’s way less than the initial investment you’d need to put into a brick and mortar store! This is an amazing deal for website hosting and definitely cheaper than many other hosting sites. I have a list of other hosting sites and their pricing–for comparison — and to give you other options (because I want you to choose the best hosting company for YOU!)

If you don’t take advantage of buying a website now, trust me… A year from now you’ll look back at today and wish you had started your site NOW. And, I’ll walk you through the steps you’ll need for setting up your site with my FREE Tutorial that explains (in detail) how to create your own website in 10 easy steps. PLEASE NOTE: The wording in my tutorial says “blog” because the process for creating a webpage and blog is the same–it’s up to you what you want to put on your site. There are LOTS of awesome ecommerce templates available for your website.

Step 3. Choose your affiliate products

When you’re looking for an affiliate company to supplement your wholesaling income, think about companies that sell items similar to your’s. The whole reason I like including affiliate links on my site is because it diversifies my income. If I don’t offer a particular “color” or “style” of a product my customer is looking for, I hope they’ll stay on my page long enough to search through my affiliate links and purchase something, because then I make a portion of that sale! As I mentioned above, look for affiliate sites that allow you to register for free such as, (formerly Commission Junction), or Amazon Associates. You can also register for all three–which would be a great idea to really diversify your affiliates. It would give your site visitors different products to choose from and, in turn, would earn more income for YOU!

4. Put it all together

Once you have made the initial investment to purchase your hosting service (domain name included FREE with Bluehost), you are ready to begin building your page. You can check out my personal wholesale/affiliate site here if you need an example of how I decided to lay mine out.

You’ll need to connect your wholesale items with PayPal. If you don’t have a business paypal, I’ll show you how to set one up here. Once one of the physical items sell (the wholesale items you bought and relisted for a profit), you’ll simply package it and send it to your customer. PayPal will walk you through that entire process. I usually pick one time each day (mine is 7:00 pm) to sit at the computer and package my items sold and ship them out.

As far as the affiliate aspect of your site, you could basically create a webpage that runs entirely on affiliate links. This would be especially valuable if you are afraid of the time commitment of the wholesaling business (though it’s not a lot of time, you do have to ship items which takes continuous upkeep online).

Just one last word on the subject: Be brave and do this. There is no better time than today and you’ll regret not beginning sooner. It’s an awesome new business venture and $3.95 is a small fee to pay each month for a business that basically runs itself.

Next Steps…

Finally, if you’re curious what the steps are after you create your affiliate/wholesale site once it’s up and running, check out my post about Pinterest marketing here. You’ll need to focus on bringing in traffic to your blog, but social media really helps. Especially if you gear your site niche to a certain group of people and create a Facebook community, you’ll have a built in community ready to visit your site!


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