Explore the Benefits of Using WP Engine for Web Hosting

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Let me begin by explaining my experience with WP Engine. I began all my sites with Bluehost and still use Bluehost to host this site {Experimental Cents}. However, I have begun several other completely affiliate sites (you can read about these passive income affiliate sites here) with WP Engine.

Why do I have two different hosting companies? Is one better than the other? Is it easy to make the switch? Read on for the answers to all these questions…

First of all, I’d like to say that both Bluehost and WP Engine are excellent options for hosting. They both offer different options and benefits and to better determine which is a better option for you, it’s important to decide which kind of website you are planning on creating.

While WP Engine focuses solely on managed WordPress hosting, Bluehost offers a huge variety of hosting services and options. Therefore, this comparison is based specifically on Bluehost’s WordPress optimized hosting versus WP Engine. So, if you’re planning on using WordPress for the creation of your site, this comparison will tell you all you’ll need to know to determine the better option.

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WP Engine

With WP Engine you’re getting hosting only. WP Engine does not provide email like Bluehost but if you already have your email, etc., setup and are focused on a managed hosting solution, WP Engine provides more advanced WordPress features than Bluehost.

WP Engine promotes their expert WordPress customer support just like Bluehost does. However, when it comes to support, WP Engine seems to have faster response times. Also, keep in mind that WP Engine continues to concentrate only on WordPress whereas Bluehost offers several website setup options.

Additionally, WP Engine has a very generous Affiliate Program. Learn all about WP Engine’s Affiliate program benefits by reading this post.

WP Engine hosting


Bluehost is also an excellent option for individuals searching for a WordPress optimized hosting plan. In comparison to WP Engine, Bluehost offers email and other cPanel functionality. So, if you’re looking for a complete online presence, Bluehost is probably the better option for you.

Perfect for individuals just setting up a first-time blog or eCommerce site, Bluehost offers a variety of functions and is ultimately, all you’d need for your online business, wrapped into one awesome package.

I’d recommend WP Engine for those who already have the site setup and are looking for a more in-depth WordPress vault of options.



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